10 mangas you should know about

Helck - 10 mangas you should know about


Judging by the cover, you'd think it's a pretty serious manga. Surprisingly, it's not. It has a similarly to One Punch Man, the main character is an overly powerful character that defeats enemies in one punch. Though unlike OPM, it does eventually become somewhat serious with comedy along the way.
 Mahou Shoujou of the end - 10 mangas you should know about

Mahou Shoujou of the end

Holy shit, this is one of the weirdest manga I've read and has complicated plot. Basically it starts out with the main character having a normal day in school. He then notices a teacher's head explode when confronting a goth girl in the front gate. Soon after, all hell breaks loose, to what seems to be the apocalypse. Not your average apocalypse though. This involves immortal doll like monster with magical powers. When you think the story is reaching it's end point, it suddenly turns into a twist.
Rikudou - 10 mangas you should know about


This is a great boxing/drama manga. The main character started out as a child of a single drug addicted mother, until he killed her dealer and she was then arrested, leaving him in a foster home. After that, the only thing he had left in life was the goal to become the world champion and surpass the person who thought him how to fight.
Enen no Shouboutai - 10 mangas you should know about

Enen no Shouboutai

The same maker of Ao no exorcist. In this manga, firemen literally fight fire with fire. A strange disease spreads among people, making them spontaneously combust and transform into flame people. They then lose their humanity and only burn and kill things around them. The main character is a third generation fireman who has the ability to propel fire from his feet. The character has quite a lot of dept but a lot more has yet to be revealed.
Choujin Gakuen - 10 mangas you should know about

Choujin Gakuen

This is a pretty good manga. It's a shounen with the theme being yokais. Simply starts off with the main character meeting a demon and befriending her. She later saves him from assassins and she learns that he is a super natural being as well. What kind? Find out yourself.
Dead Tube - 10 mangas you should know about

Dead Tube

I love this one! If you really love gore and reading some fucked up situations, then you'll love this one. Dead Tube is about how today's top form of entertainment is pure violence. Because of this, a website titled "Dead Tube" is made where creators post absolute gore, for a chance to win over 1 million dollars if their video makes it to #1 most views. The main character is rather plain at first, but later you see him transform into this freak with a smut fetish.
Ubel Blatt - 10 mangas you should know about

Ubel Blatt

VERY underrated manga, in my opinion. I don't know why it hasn't gotten an anime yet.The lore to this manga is pretty tragic. Basic hero situation, born with talent becomes a prodigy and goes on a quest for his kingdom. Problem is, after fulfilling that quest, 7(out of the 14 heroes) who abandoned the quest, betrayed and murdered them, so that they may get all the glory. The murdered heroes are then blamed as cowards while the 7 are famed as heroes. The youngest of the victims comes back to life as a half elf and plans on revenge for what they have done.
Re: Monster - 10 mangas you should know about

Re: Monster

Out of all the game themed mangas/animes out there, I gotta say, this is my all time favorite. The lore goes like this: In his past life, the main character was murdered by someone near him. He wakes up as a baby goblin and the only thing he has kept is his memories and his power to absorb attributes and skills from whatever he eats.(He is also invulnerable to any consumed poison or disease). The story is practically a slice of life, but for a goblin that eventually turns into this one extremely strong and smart boss. The way the story is told is sort of like reading out of a journal, since there is quite a bit of monologue, but it really doesn't bother much.
Kengan Ashura - 10 mangas you should know about

Kengan Ashura

When marketing rules the world, what rules marketing? That's where the Kengan Matches come into action. These matches involve different companies hiring a fighter to represent them in the matches and winner gains profit and stock,eventually leading them to the top of the marketing business. Very strange concept, but in some ways it kind of makes sense. It's a great fighting manga, a lot of variety in techniques and fighting styles are shown. Precise action and hits as well.
Black Clover - 10 mangas you should know about

Black Clover

Another Shounen manga. Long ago, a battle between the demon king and the Emperor determined the fate of the world. As the cliche goes, the Emperor would lose. From then on, magic is what determined the hierarchy of said world. Those with strong magic would be closest to the capital and treated as nobles,whilst those with weak magic are left in the outskirts of town to live as farmers and peasants. The characters are very similar to Naruto. Main character is an energetic kid with the ironic disadvantage of not having any magical power at all, while his rival and best friend is gifted with the potential of becoming the next emperor as he receives the same magical book the first emperor once had(a 4 leaf clover). Normally, only those with magical power could get a book, but the boy with none of it some how received one with a black clover. Because of this, it could possibly foreshadow that the main character could possibly be the next demon king, but none of that is revealed. It's a great read if you like that type of shounen and archetype of characters. Though it somewhat similar to Naruto, I promise you, they don't have any of that emo Sasuke, or selfish Sakura type of characters.