10 Movies You Might Not Have Seen

10 Movies You Might Not Have Seen
10. Brawl In Cell Block 99
Vince Vaughn in the role he should have had in True Detective Season 2. This is an absolutely brutal film, and Vince brings the pain. The violence comes in waves, and the rest is filled with an interesting character study. But when these waves come, sheeeeesh do they come. Some of the gnarliest death scenes I have ever watched. Great fun.
10 Movies You Might Not Have Seen
9. Thoroughbreds
This is not your average teenage highschool film. This is a morose, and dark comedy. Trading between being genuinely funny, and unshakably eerie, this film finds it's holding and delivers for a bite size treat. An entertaining first act, and bizarre and engrossing final act makes this film worth the watch.
10 Movies You Might Not Have Seen
8. Wild Tales
An Argentinean film that is wickedly funny, and split into 6 unique stories. Often escalating into mass hysteria, the film is hilarious and tragic. Seriously some of the darkest laughs conceived, with some bonkers situations, and plenty of revenge plots. This film is truly 6 wild tales.
10 Movies You Might Not Have Seen
7. King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
This amusing documentary about the underground world of retro gaming is an absolute riot. Some of the most naturally funny people ever recorded, offering real "high stakes". The film also features an unlikely underdog component that is surprisingly gripping. You will notice the main villain of the film, Billy Mitchell, as recently being ousted for his cheating ways. For those who have seen this film will know how satisfying this news was.
10 Movies You Might Not Have Seen
6. Cache
This French film from Director Michael Haneke (Funny Games, Amour) is a truly disturbing thriller. Not in imagery, even though one scene sticks out, but in the paranoia and uneasiness the film brings to the table. A tale of a family being stalked, escalates into mystery with reputation, and ultimately lives at stake. The cinematography is fun in that some of the action occurs off screen, which adds to an interesting viewing experience. The Gift is a loose rip off of this film.
10 Movies You Might Not Have Seen
5. The Lives of Others
This German film is a fascinating drama that builds to a thriller. It is a delicate film with an astounding conclusion. A man being tasked to wire-tap a couple falls deep into their personal trials and tribulations. It is an introspective film form the perspective of the man observing a relationship deteriorate. A slow burner with a great pay off.
10 Movies You Might Not Have Seen
4. Find Me Guilty
I know. Not what you were expecting. I decided to mix it up. Vin Diesel probably gives his best performance outside of Saving Private Ryan. Vin Diesel plays a mob boss on trial, who decides to defend himself. It's somewhat of a paradox to have Vin as a mobster but then confine him to a courtroom, but Mr. Diesel turns out out be great story teller full of charisma. If you need your Diesel fix, but tired of the Fast and Furious, this is a good choice.
10 Movies You Might Not Have Seen
3. The Imposter
A documentary about a kid from Texas going missing and years later winding up in Spain. But is it really him? and where has the kid been? This is an extremely captivating true tale, that seems too wild to be real. Filled with some unforgettable characters, and a nagging unresolved missing child case, this movie hits hard and delivers on all fronts.
10 Movies You Might Not Have Seen
2. The Proposition
Guy Pierce is an outlaw in the Australian outback, offered a Sophie Choice-esque proposition by the towns sheriff. Kill his rogue older brother, responsible for the heinous death of a family, or the sheriff will hang his innocent little brother. A great western with an enticing premise, this is a solid film.
10 Movies You Might Not Have Seen
1. Captain Fantastic
Viggo Mortensen in a non-violet role is still a great Viggo Mortensen. Viggo plays a hippie dad, tasked with looking after his band of children after his wife, and their mother passes. Viggo struggles for custody, and must prove his simplistic way of life works in raising the kids works. This is an emotional rollercoaster of a film, broken up with parts of pure hilarity. A film not to be missed.

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