17 Worthwhile Disturbing Movies

Event Horizon (1997) - 17 Worthwhile Disturbing Movies

Event Horizon (1997)

From IMDB: A rescue crew investigates a spaceship that disappeared into a black hole and has now returned...with someone or something new on-board.

IMDB rating: 6.7
Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975) - 17 Worthwhile Disturbing Movies

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975)

From IMDB: Four fascist libertines round up nine adolescent boys and girls and subject them to a hundred and twenty days of physical, mental and sexual torture.

IMDB rating: 6.0
Deadgirl (2008) - 17 Worthwhile Disturbing Movies

Deadgirl (2008)

From IMDB: Two high school boys discover an imprisoned woman in an abandoned mental asylum who cannot die.

IMDB rating: 5.7
The Descent (2005) - 17 Worthwhile Disturbing Movies

The Descent (2005)

From IMDB: A caving expedition goes horribly wrong, as the explorers become trapped and ultimately pursued by a strange breed of predators.

IMDB rating: 7.2
Hard Candy (2005) - 17 Worthwhile Disturbing Movies

Hard Candy (2005)

From IMDB: A teenage girl raids a man's home, suspecting he is a pedophile, in order to expose him.

IMDB rating: 7.2
28 Days Later (2002) - 17 Worthwhile Disturbing Movies

28 Days Later (2002)

From IMDB: Four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the UK, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary.

IMDB rating: 7.6
The Pact (2012) - 17 Worthwhile Disturbing Movies

The Pact (2012)

From IMDB: As a woman struggles to come to grips with her past in the wake of her mother's death, an unsettling presence emerges in her childhood home.

IMDB rating: 5.8
Imprint (2006) - 17 Worthwhile Disturbing Movies

Imprint (2006)

From IMDB: In the 1800s, an American returns to Japan to find the prostitute he fell in love with, but instead learns of the psychical and existential horror that befell her after he left.

IMDB rating: 7.1
A Serbian Film (2010) - 17 Worthwhile Disturbing Movies

A Serbian Film (2010)

From IMDB: An aging porn star agrees to participate in an "art film" in order to make a clean break from the business, only to discover that he has been drafted into making a pedophilia and necrophilia themed snuff film.

IMDB rating: 5.3
Valhalla Rising (2009) - 17 Worthwhile Disturbing Movies

Valhalla Rising (2009)

From IMDB: 1000 AD, for years, One Eye, a mute warrior of supernatural strength, has been held prisoner by the Norse chieftain Barde. Aided by Are, a boy slave, One Eye slays his captor and together he and Are escape, beginning a journey into the heart of darkness.

IMDB rating: 6.0

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I Saw the Devil (2010) - 17 Worthwhile Disturbing Movies

I Saw the Devil (2010)

From IMDB: A secret agent exacts revenge on a serial killer through a series of captures and releases.

IMDB rating: 7.8
Evil Dead (2013) - 17 Worthwhile Disturbing Movies

Evil Dead (2013)

From IMDB: Five friends head to a remote cabin, where the discovery of a Book of the Dead leads them to unwittingly summon up demons living in the nearby woods. The evil presence possesses them until only one is left to fight for survival.

IMDB rating: 6.5
Martyrs (2008) - 17 Worthwhile Disturbing Movies

Martyrs (2008)

From IMDB: A young woman's quest for revenge against the people who kidnapped and tormented her as a child leads her and a friend, who is also a victim of child abuse, on a terrifying journey into a living hell of depravity.

IMDB rating: 7.1
Oldboy (2003) - 17 Worthwhile Disturbing Movies

Oldboy (2003)

From IMDB: After being kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years, Oh Dae-Su is released, only to find that he must find his captor in 5 days.

IMDB rating: 8.4
Mum and Dad (2008) - 17 Worthwhile Disturbing Movies

Mum and Dad (2008)

From IMDB: Mum and Dad, and their 'adopted' children, Birdie & Elbie, work at the airport. The family live off whatever they scavenge from cargo holds, offices and hotels - including a steady stream of transient workers who populate the airport's soulless hub.

IMDB rating: 5.9
Prisoners (2013) - 17 Worthwhile Disturbing Movies

Prisoners (2013)

From IMDB: When Keller Dover's daughter and her friend go missing, he takes matters into his own hands as the police pursue multiple leads and the pressure mounts. But just how far will this desperate father go to protect his family?

IMDB rating: 8.1
The Snowtown Murders (2011) - 17 Worthwhile Disturbing Movies

The Snowtown Murders (2011)

From IMDB: Based on true events, 16 year-old Jamie falls in with his mother's new boyfriend and his crowd of self-appointed neighborhood watchmen, a relationship that leads to a spree of torture and murder.

IMDB rating: 6.6