8 Fun Browser Games

Cursors - 8 Fun Browser Games


Collaborate (or not) with other players to advance to the end! (Be prepared to get stuck at times especially if you're one to help people) Use Shift+Left Click to draw!
Parameters - 8 Fun Browser Games


A Japanese RPG in it's purest form. Black Squares are Quests and Yellow Squares are Bosses. Complete Quests to Level Up (increase your stats by clicking the plus next to them) and get money! Kill Bosses to Level Up and get Keys! Use the keys to unlock more quests, bosses or shops. Make sure you read the instructions by clicking ENGLISH on the bottom when you start!
Voar - 8 Fun Browser Games


Click to alter your orbit path! Stick close to the Earth to earn points faster. Be careful so you don't crash into any one and lose all your points! If you're the leader you'll be high lighted in red and everyone will be able to see your orbit path. A lot of people just play to kill the leader!
Akinator - 8 Fun Browser Games


Think of any character/famous person and he'll guess it in 20 questions! (Most of the time) Make sure to answer his questions properly
Cookie Clicker - 8 Fun Browser Games

Cookie Clicker

Click cookies to get cookies. Use your cookies to buy upgrades to get more cookies. Buy more and more ludicrous upgrades to get cookies. It's a never ending cycle of consumption. This game is really addictice.
Geo Guesser - 8 Fun Browser Games

Geo Guesser

Guess where you are in the world using Google Maps!
Attack on Titan Tribute Game - 8 Fun Browser Games

Attack on Titan Tribute Game

Extremely well made fan game. Be prepared to take some time to get used to the 3D Maneuver Gear before you become a professional titan killer! (Requires Unity Web Player)
Super Hot - 8 Fun Browser Games

Super Hot

An FPS where time only moves when you move. Dodge bullets and land stylish kills!
(Requires Unity Web Player and it's only a demo)