List of studios ea has killed

List of studios ea has killed
I was playing Red Alert 3 recently and I felt compelled to make an angry post about EA. So here we are. A comprehensive description of the creative graveyard that is Electronic Arts, in no particular order.
1. Maxis - List of studios ea has killed

1. Maxis

Maxis was the critically acclaimed developer of on of the best selling series of all time: The Sims. Originally founded in 1987 as Maxis Software, they were bought by EA in 1997 and shut down in 2014.

Maxis had a pretty long run, but in recent years EA has faced quite a bit of criticism over its business practices pertaining to The Sims and SimCity. Considering SimCity 2000 is considered to be one of the best games in the series, I think it's safe to say Maxis's games weren't improved by an EA purchase.
2. Mythic Entertainment - List of studios ea has killed

2. Mythic Entertainment

Mythic was founded in 1995 and was most recognized for their 2001 MMORPG The Dark Age of Camelot. Mythic was bought by EA in 2006 and shut down in 2014.
3. Bullfrog Productions - List of studios ea has killed

3. Bullfrog Productions

Bullfrog was founded in 1987 and is most recognized for their titles Dungeon Keeper and Syndicate. They were purchased by EA in 1995 and shut down in 2001.

Unlike most of the other studios on this list, most of the members of Bullfrog left EA after it was shut down to create their own studios again: Lionhead Studios and Mucky Foot Productions.
4. Origin Systems - List of studios ea has killed

4. Origin Systems

Not to be confused with Original Systems, if anyone plays Star Citizen...

Origin was founded in 1983 and was well known for their popular series Ultima and Wing Commander. They were purchased by EA in 1992 and shut down in 2004. One of the games that was cancelled when they were shut down was called Harry Potter Online.

Chris Roberts, an employee of Origin and the creator of the Wing Commander series, is now the founder of Cloud Imperium Games and is working on one of my most anticipated games, Star Citizen. I doubt most of you live under rocks, so you've probably heard of it.
5. Westwood Studios - List of studios ea has killed

5. Westwood Studios

My personal (least) favorite.

Westwood was a beloved maker of RTS games and was founded in 1985. They were purchased by EA in 1998 and shut down in 2003.

Command and Conquer has been and probably always will be my favorite video game series. Just the other day I re-installed Red Alert 2 and Red Alert 3 and started playing through their campaigns a bit. After Westwood shut down the series has just been in a steady downward trend... Generals was great, Tiberium Wars was good, Red Alert 3 was okay, Tiberian Twilight was utter trash, and Generals 2 (or just Command and Conquer depending on who you ask) was so horrible that it was cancelled after the closed alpha. What REALLY makes me mad about Generals 2 is that they seemed to be making a game I wanted to play before they switched to the free-to-play online crap. Instead of reverting back to the original development as a sequel to Generals when everybody collectively hated on the alpha, they just cancelled it.

EA has mentioned, apparently, that they plan on continuing C&C... Although at this point I'm not sure if I want them to. They'll probably try to turn it into an MMORTS or something.
6. DreamWorks Interactive - List of studios ea has killed

6. DreamWorks Interactive

This one wasn't necessarily killed, just carted around and renamed a bunch of times.

DreamWorks Interactive was founded in 1995 as a joint venture between DreamWorks SKG and Microsoft. They were bought by EA in 2000 after the success of their game, Medal of Honor. After being bought they were renamed EA Los Angeles. In 2003 they moved offices and merged with EA Pacific, also gaining employees from the newly-closed Westwood, so they continued development on the Medal of Honor series as well as picking up Command and Conquer. In 2010 EA Los Angeles was rebranded to Danger Close Games, signifying the death of C&C and focus on Medal of Honor.

The studio was closed (kind of?) in 2013, when development of Medal of Honor was halted and they were obsorbed by DICE, become DICE Los Angeles.
7. Phenomic - List of studios ea has killed

7. Phenomic

I couldn't find a picture of Phenomic's logo so here's SpellForce instead.

Phenomic was founded in 1997 and purchased by EA in 2006. They developed popular RTS games like SpellForce and BattleForge. They were also responsible for Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, which was a browser game. EA closed the studio in 2013, laying off all 60 employees with it.
8. Black Box Games - List of studios ea has killed

8. Black Box Games

Black Box Games was founded in 1998 and purchased by EA in in 2002. Black Box was the studio behind the Need for Speed and Skate games. They were closed by EA in 2013.
9. Pandemic - List of studios ea has killed

9. Pandemic

For some reason when I looked up Pandemic it tried to tell me that their most well-known game was The Saboteur, but you guys will like this one: they were the creators of the original two Star Wars: Battlefront games. We all now how that series turned out.

Pandemic was founded in 1998 and purchased by EA in 2008. They were shut down A YEAR LATER in 2009. Talk about a waste of talent.
10. Playfish - List of studios ea has killed

10. Playfish

Playfish was a developer of social network games like The Sims Social. They were founded in 2007, purchased by EA in 2009, and shut down in 2013.
11. NuFX - List of studios ea has killed

11. NuFX

NuFX was the studio behind NBA Street. They were bought by EA in 2004 and then closed three years later in 2007 due to inability to meet profit targets.