The Marvel Character Hierarchy

This is a guide for anyone who wants to know more about the pecking order of the characters inside the Marvel Universe. It was revised April 5th, 2015 with some new characters. Of course, I cannot add everyone in Marvel Comics to this list, so I've opted for the most popular characters at the bottom of the list.

#1 The One Above All - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#1 The One Above All

The One Above All: Also known as TOAA for short, is the absolute origin of all things in the Marvel Omniverse. He is the original creator by which all things that exist stem from. There are none above his literal infinite power. He is the Alpha and Omega. He has only showed up a few times in comic history, most notably once to Peter Parker ( Spiderman ), helping to guide him to the correct path.
#2 - The Fulcrum - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#2 - The Fulcrum

An aspect of the consciousness of TOAA, he or it is a small portion of The One Above All. Not much is known about him except that he owns a Cosmic Bar and that he serves the most delicious cocktails in existence. He is also the commander of a race of Space Gods called The Celestials.
#3 - Taimut The Dreaming Celestial - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#3 - Taimut The Dreaming Celestial

Once a member of the space gods known as the Celestials, Taimut had ascended in power to rival The Fulcrum. The two regarded each other as equals. Typically, Celestials were void of emotion, quite robotic in responsiveness and it wasnt until something happened to Taimut that sparked some type of emotional distress in his heart that he'd ascended beyond Omniversal level power. Taimut began to question his existence and became a highly emotional being, with this new found experience for him came incredible new power.
#4 - The Beyonder ( Pre Retcon )  - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#4 - The Beyonder ( Pre Retcon )

Every universe that exists as we know it is part of a collection of universes called The Omniverse. It is composed of a number of alternate realities, pocket dimensions and similar 3-dimensional spaces that are incalcuable in number, all though not truly infinite in volume. The container for all of these universes is known as The Beyond. By comparison, all universes and dimensions as we know it are, as Beyonder put it " A drop in the sea compared to the Beyond".

The Beyond container had been pierced by the Molecule Man. To the Beyonds surprise and upon peering through a tiny hole back into our space, it had noticed for the first time in its existence that it wasn't alone and that something else existed just past its realms borders. The entire Beyond formed itself a body and called itself The Beyonder. The Beyonder has incalcuable power and was able to end billions of universes when he was upset and frustrated one day. He is not evil, but is very naive and believes that nobody else that exists is real. He once told all the cosmic beings of Marvels Omniverse that none were real except himself, he also tried to kill Death with a poison cocktail just to prove his point.

Marvel writers felt he was far too powerful and had decided to reconstitute his power rating. He is a shadow of his former self currently.
#5 - The Molecule Man - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#5 - The Molecule Man

Owen Reece, a human man acquired new absolute control over all molecules inside the entire Marvel Omniverse. While not omniscent, he is able to nearly match Beyonder pound for pound. The two had become friends for a short time until Beyonder decided to "end everything". The two beings fought and the very foundations of existence began to tremble. Both are capable of the instant destruction of potentially quadrillions of entire universes on a whim.

Owen lost the battle with Beyonder, who thankfully restored everything that was destroyed back to normal after their battle.
#6 - Scathan The Approver  - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#6 - Scathan The Approver

Another from the race of space gods known as the Celestials, Scathan is the source of wisdom that is sought out by nearly every other cosmic entity. For some reason, most seek his advice and approval with a thumbs up or down. During the events of the Protege incident, Tribunal had been unable to fully stop Protege from copying every other cosmic beings powers. Eternity had asked Scathan to step in and help, to which Scathan responded by saying no to, and that he was only present to record the events.

Protege began to copy The Living Tribunals powers, at that point Scathan had no choice but to restrain Protege, who was unable to break free of Scathans grasp as well as unable to copy his powers.
#7 - The Living Tribunal - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#7 - The Living Tribunal

Marvels Intermediary. He is the judge of all major events that happen inside the Marvel Omnivers. He is also the right hand of The One Above All and directly reports to it and nobody else. He exists simultaneously in every universe at the same time. He and Scathan are often very debated on which is stronger. The truth is it is too close to call and both should be considered equals.
#8 - Protege - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#8 - Protege

A being that can copy the powers of nearly anything and anyone else. Acquiring far too much power on his own, he was brought before the Living Tribunal and many other cosmic beings for judgement. Protege began to copy the powers of nearly every other cosmic entity that were present in the trial, including Tribunals himself. Tribunal was unable to stop Protege on his own, Scathan had to step in to restrain Protege, allowing Tribunal time to banish Protege to a prison made out of an hour glass.
#9 - Mad Jim Jaspers - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#9 - Mad Jim Jaspers

A human man who acquired multi-universe ending reality warping abilities. Jim loses his mind each time he uses his powers, the more he uses it, the more truly lost he becomes. Jim is capable of ending thousands if not millions of continuities and universes with a mere thought.
#10 - Franklin Richards - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#10 - Franklin Richards

Son of Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, Franklin is a high reality warper similar to Jim Jaspers, although not quite as powerful. He is capable of blinking out Celestials that had just tried to kill Galactus as if it required no effort. He is capable of the destruction of multiple universes on a whim. As a boy, he manifested these powers and felt saddened that he was still so young. Using his powers on himself, he aged himself to an adult but soon after realized he wasn't ready for the experience. Franklin also brang Galactus back from the dead after he was killed.
#11 - The Celestials Order - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#11 - The Celestials Order

A group of space alien gods whom follow The Fulcrum. They may have a pecking order of their own, where members like Taimut and Scathan are near the top with the potential to wreck many universes, middle tiers and lower tiers who are potentially weaker than Galactus.

Their leader is named One Above All, who is not to be confused with Marvels prime authority of a similar name. Once, a Celestial named Exitar had battled and defeated Odin and the Destroyer Armor as if it were nothing.
#12 - Kubic and Kosmos - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#12 - Kubic and Kosmos

Beings that were once cosmic cubes, becoming self aware and manifesting physical forms. Kubic admitted to not being nearly as powerful as the Celestials, but is still capable of winking out entire universes if need be.
#13 - The Chaos King - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#13 - The Chaos King

The Japanese Skyfather named Amatsu Mikaboshi had lost his mind, going mad with power he had absorbed many other Skyfathers. Obtaining immense multi universe ending power.
#14 - Chaos War Hercules - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#14 - Chaos War Hercules

The Olympian demigod and son of Zeus, he'd been one of the few remaining heros left after The Chaos King rampaged throughout the universe. He eventually obtained mutliple Skyfathers powers as well and battled the Chaos King, finally defeating him after a universe shaking deathmatch.
#15 to #20 are highly debatable.   - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#15 to #20 are highly debatable.

Cyttorak, lord of the Crimson Cosmos. This guy was so bad that he was banished by unknown entities to a pocket dimension of his own. Cyttorak is the cosmic being that gives the Juggernaut his powers. He is pure evil and the likes of the Vishanti greatly fear him. He also stated that 1/5 of the Phoenix Force is laughable to his own power.

Cyttorak once teleported Galactus and Dr. Strange to his Crimson Cosmos without their permission. Galactus wanted to leave Silver Surfer behind and flee, but Dr. Strange convinced Galactus to stay and wait. Galactus agreed, but only if Dr. Strange went to retrive Surfer alone.
#16 - Shuma Gorath - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#16 - Shuma Gorath

A being of immense evil magical powers. At a fraction of his power, even the Vishanti could not stop him.
#17 - The Vishanti - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#17 - The Vishanti

A trio of magical entities composed of positive and goodness. Dr. Strange uses the eye of Agamotto, which is just one of the Vishanti.
Once, Galactus did battle with only one of the Vishanti and was unable to take a victory, the other two Vishanti watched their companion battle Galactus without any concern, watching the show with great interest.
#18 - Cthlon  - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#18 - Cthlon

An evil magical being with powers that rival the Vishanti's good magic.
#19 - The Phoenix Force - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#19 - The Phoenix Force

The representation of all life in the universe that will ever exist until the end of time. Each time it uses its powers, it dips into the pool of potential life that will exist in the future, depleting the source of life for the universe little by little with each burst of power.

Jean Grey of the Xmen was the Phoenix Forces chosen host for a time.
#20 - Abraxus - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#20 - Abraxus

The respresentation of the destruction of the multiverse. Abraxus is tied to Galactus, should Galactus die, Abraxus will be released and wreak havok upon the universe. He has killed Galactus thousands of times in alternate realities.
#21 - Eternity - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#21 - Eternity

The representation of the entire universe, the canvas by which all space is and sits upon.
#22 - Infinity - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#22 - Infinity

Sister to Eternity and the represetation of space itself.
#23 - Mistress Death - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#23 - Mistress Death

Another sibling to Eternity, Death is naturally the representation and figure head of Death itself. Thanos is in love with her, although she cares little for him, instead loving Deadpool a great deal. Thanos isn't happy about that...
#24 - Oblivion  - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#24 - Oblivion

Yet another sibling to Eternity and the representation of all Entropy in the universe.
#25 - Master Chaos and Lord Order - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#25 - Master Chaos and Lord Order

The representations of Choas and Order, of course.
#26- Galactus - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#26- Galactus

Born Galan, a mortal and sole survivor of the collapse of the previous universe. He'd gestated over a period of billions of years until a Watcher found him, awakening the sleeping giant. Galactus is a unique character Marvel, as his power rating is really inconsistent. There is a misconception about the amount of power he is able to dish out and that it has to do with how much energy he absorbs from planets.

Sadly, this isn't true. Galactus is the master of the Power Cosmic, which is a power derived from the Astral Plane. Galactus requires life energy from planets to sustain his physical form. Billions of years ago, Galactus fed far less than he does now. It is said that his appetite has no limits. If this is true, then Galactus's power has no limits at all, however the possibility him actually obtaining anything beyond multiple planets worth of power is extremely low. It takes him a long time to take in the energy of just one planet, let alone the entire universe.

The Power Cosmic has a maximum potential of just one universe or dimension. Think of it like a refrigerator, the Power Cosmic fridge. Galactus opens the fridge to use the great power inside, but it does not have anything to do with his need for sustenance and the devouring of planets and life. No matter how much Galactus eats, that Power Cosmic fridge will remain the same size and possibly lose power over time, just as a normal fridge will lose food the more we dip into it.

Galactus's ability to absorb life energy has an infinite potential that isn't likely to ever reach beyond a solar systems worth of life energy. However, the Power Cosmic comes directly from an entire dimension with a static limit of whatever its size actually is, likely to not be more than one dimensions worth of energy.

More cheeseburgers ( planets )that Galactus consumes does not equate to more Power Cosmic. Galactus feeds on planets to sustain his physical form and not to sustain the Power Cosmic, which he cannot use to satiate himself. They are two separate things entirely.

Galactus has been beaten by the likes of Mjolnir, Thors Hammer as well as Odin and even a few low tier Celestials. Galactus is one of my favorite Marvel characters.
#26 - The Hawk God - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#26 - The Hawk God

Not much is known about him except that he is a violent cosmic being that was powerful enough to be considered worthy of standing next to many other beings like Galactus and Eternity.
#27 - The In-Betweener - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#27 - The In-Betweener

A being created by Lord Chaos and Order to represent new balance in the universe. In-Betweener went rogue and ended up in a scuffle with Galactus, stalemating him until Lord Chaos and Order put In-Betweener in his place and stopped the fight.
#27 - Tyrant - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#27 - Tyrant

A being created by Galactus to help serve his cause. Also going rogue and turning evil, Tyrant rebelled and tried to kill Galactus. After a titanic battle, Galactus only just hardly managed a victory over his creation.
#28 - Classic Dr. Strange - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#28 - Classic Dr. Strange

Years ago, back in the late 1960s to the late 1970s, the Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange had been immensely powerful, capable of the destruction of entire galaxies and cosmic beings of a similar magnitude. Now, Dr. Strange has had his powers greatly reduced.
#29 - Mephisto - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#29 - Mephisto

Highest of the Hell Lords and overseer of the Dream realm. Mephisto is evil incarnate, a playful deviant who has battled Galactus with a smile after capturing his heralds Nova and Silver Surfer. Enjoying their battle greatly, Mephisto called it quits when Galactus tried to cheat and eat the battlefield, which was Mephisto's entire home dimension. No longer enjoying the battle, he'd asked Galactus to get out and be gone.
#30 - Ego The Living Planet - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#30 - Ego The Living Planet

Once a normal planet, the space plague called the Super Ego landed on this planets surface, transforming it and giving it life. Ego is a sentient planet that seriously hates Galactus, as the two have battled numerous times with Ego the victor in a few of them. Galactus is responsible for installing giant rocket engines on Ego's surface, an attempt to blast Ego to the furthest reaches of space from which there is no return...a temporary solution. Ego returned soon after and Galactus required the aide of the Fantastic Four and Thor to defeat the enraged Ego.
#31 - Zeus The Olympian Skyfather - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#31 - Zeus The Olympian Skyfather

Zeus is said to be physically more potent than Odin, all be it much less adept in combat and tactical ability than Odin as well. He punched the Hulk so hard that he'd vomitted blood, he was capable of lifting and tossing an entire mountain with ease.
#32 - Odin The Asgardian Skyfather - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#32 - Odin The Asgardian Skyfather

Considered the best of the Skyfathers that exist in the universe, although implied to have slightly less energy and strength than Zeus, he is far more combat capable, intelligent and experienced. Odin is a casual Galaxy destroyer, during his battle with Surtur he had accidentally wiped out multiple galaxies simply by growing so physically large that his attacks were swatting these clusters of galaxies away like steam over a cup of coffee.

Recently, Galactus invaded Asgard in attempt to steal an artifact that he believed would satiate his hunger for all time. Odin and Galactus did battle with each other. Stalemated after a psychic onslaught, Odin grew to enormous size and used Marvels most epic headbutt of all time, knocking Galactus out cold and shattering his entire helmet to pieces. In the process, Odin knocked himself out as well, Galactus's body fell unconcious in a smoking heap to the planet below. Soon after, Galactus recovered while Odin remained bloody and too weak to fight.

Odin is not immortal, however Zeus is. Odin requires rest from time to time and ages very slowly, there are rumors that he too is older than the current universe and that Asgard is a relic from the past age of existence that somehow was not destroyed when the previous universe ended.
#33 - Surtur The Fire Lord King - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#33 - Surtur The Fire Lord King

Surtur is a high demon and Odins primary rival. The two have battled numerous times. Surtur at maximum power is capable of wiping away entire galaxies with a brush of his arm.
#34 - The Skyfathers of Various Cultures and Elders of the Universe - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#34 - The Skyfathers of Various Cultures and Elders of the Universe

Like Odin and Zeus, there are many other Skyfathers from various Earthly and even alien cultures that exist. While Zeus and Odin are surely the strongest, the rest of them fall very short in comparison.

There are also a group of beings called the Elders of the Universe, by which the Collector from the recent Marvel movies is part of.
#35 - Trion Juggernaut - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#35 - Trion Juggernaut

Juggernaut with much more power granted to him by Cyttorak, capable of shattering the fabric of space and time by punching the air...after I read this comic arc as a kid, I'd had nightmares for weeks. This version of Juggernaut was truly scary.
#36 - Thanos The Mad Titan - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#36 - Thanos The Mad Titan

Born on the moon Titan in our solar system, Thanos did not fit in with his more attractive family and friends, appearing very different than normal beings from his race. Thanos began seeing visions of Death and quickly fell in love with her, murdering entire civilizations in order to appease Mistress Death and make her happy.

Thanos is capable of punching planets into rubble, as during his fight with Drax the Destroyer in outter space, nearby planets instantly erupted into rubble. His wit and intelligence seems near godlike and is even feared by the likes of the Living Tribunal and many other cosmic beings. With time to prepare, there isn't much he cannot accomplish. His reactionary abilities are potentially millions of times light speed, he is able to project and manipulate energy on cosmic levels and even withstand Odins full Godblasts, which are able to destroy entire galaxies with ease. Thanos was shot by Odins blast and got up with a smile, refusing to back down.

During the events of the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos acquired all the infinity stones and was able to destroy half of the universe before the Living Tribunal stepped into put an end to him. Later in comic history, Thanos acquired the Heart of the Universe, which is an artifact that is said to be a window directly to the power of The One Above All. Thanos used this artifact to destroy everything. Literally everything there is. After achieving the destruction of everything that exists, he found it unbearable and realized it was a bad idea, quickly restoring all realities back to normal.

In the comics, Hulk and Thor are nowhere near as powerful as him. Thanos is a casual planet destroyer and able to withstand galactic level explosions without much of a problem.
#37 - Warriors Madness Thor - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#37 - Warriors Madness Thor

Thor, son of Odin. Capable of achieving immense physical strength via losing his mind and allowing rage to flow to critical levels. He stalemated Thanos in their brawl.
#37 - Hyperion ( many others in this tier are similar ) - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#37 - Hyperion ( many others in this tier are similar )

Hyperion, psychotic Superman wannabe who has no problem murdering for whatever cause he is fighting for this week. Beyond Warriors Madness Thor, there is a large gap that is filled with an insane amount of powerful characters, I've picked just a few popular ones. I urge you to read up on character battles to find out what other unmentioned characters fit into this tier. From this point on through number there is no real clearly superior character. All have done amazing planetary scale destructive at one point.
#38 - Drax The Destroyer - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#38 - Drax The Destroyer

Thanos killed his entire family, afterwhich Thanos' father put Drax's soul into a new body meant to kill Thanos. Drax in the comics many years ago was equal to Thanos, however recently his power isn't even remotely close to Thanos anymore.
#39 - Sentry/Void - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#39 - Sentry/Void

A being that took a super serum that made him a planetary threat. He had an evil half that is called The Void that he battles inside constantly.
#40 - Silver Surfer - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#40 - Silver Surfer

A herald of Galactus, Silver Surfer has been gifted a small amount of the Power Cosmic by his master, who instructed him to find planets in the universe that are suitable for consumption. Silver Surfer is highly poetic and desperately tries to avoid confrontation and physical altercations, however when backed into a corner by the likes of Thor and similar, he is capable of knocking Thor out with relative ease. He is fast enough to cross great cosmic distances in a matter of minutes, the destructive concussive force of a super nova is not enough to harm him.
#41 - Dormammu - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#41 - Dormammu

An evil magical being that is the primary villain to Dr. Strange. Outside of his realm, he isn't very powerful and requires artifacts to gain great powers. Inside his domain, he is far beyond a galactic level power.
#42 - World Breaker Hulk - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#42 - World Breaker Hulk

Becoming a herald for Galactus, Hulk's power increased by a factor of millions, easily punching a planet sized asteroid into dust.
#43 - Onslought - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#43 - Onslought

An evil being created from the consciousness of Professor X and Magneto.
#43 - Gladiator  - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#43 - Gladiator

A high ranking warrior in the Shi'ar empire, Gladiator is capable of interstellar flight and was able to toss Juggernaut into the horizon with little effort.
#44 - Apocolypse - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#44 - Apocolypse

Born En Sabah Nur, the first Mutant. He acquired some Celestial technology and used it to enhance himself. He is capable of restraining Hulk with ease, growing to enormous size and much more.
#45 - Ultron - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#45 - Ultron

A robot built by Giant Man or Tony Stark, depending on the era. His exterior is made of adamentium or vibranium, also depending on the era or story, extremely durable metals. As of the moment, he is stronger and faster than both Thor and Hulk, but it requires Hulk time to achieve sufficient rage and power before he can compare or best Ultron in a scuffle.
#46 - Balder The Brave - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#46 - Balder The Brave

Balder is Thor's brother, hidden by Odin to protect him from harm. Balder is the pinnacle of goodness and honor, he is immensely loving, intelligent and selfless. He is physically superior to his brothers Loki and Thor by a hefty amount, he is also much more combat adept than both of them. Odin hid him from the universe in plane sight, as Thor grew up as good friends with Balder but never knew who he really was.

Balder is the key to stopping Ragnarok, the end of the universe. He was protected at birth with various magical spells to insure he cannot be harmed in battle so long as he remains in Asgard. For if he passes on, all is lost. Balder is my favorite Marvel character.
#47 - Ghost Rider - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#47 - Ghost Rider

The Rider ( most widely known as Johnny Blaze, although there have been others ) is a mortal man that was taken over and tricked into service by a demon named Zarathos, whom is a subourdanent of Mephisto. He is Marvels physically strongest hero and is capable of tossing around Hulk, Thor, Juggernaut, Thing and Namor with relative ease.

He has a unique power called the Pennance Stare, which anyone below Zarathos's level ( which is almost on par with Mephisto ) will be ended in an instant with. He stares into the beings eyes and imparts all the pain they've caused others, back onto that beings own self. It is one of the most powerful attacks in Marvel and nearly unstoppable. If you aren't a cosmic being, odds are you are going to lose if Ghost Rider shows up.

The movie versions do not even remotely do the character justice. Ghost Rider is also one of my character favorites and easily one of the coolest Marvel characters ever created.
#48- Juggernaut - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#48- Juggernaut

Cain Marko, a human and brother of Professor Xavier had stumbled across a Crimson artifact that was a direct link to Cyttorak. Upon touching the object, he was transformed into the Juggernaut, a being composed of pure magical powers. He is nearly totally immume to damage.
#49 - Beta Ray Bill - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#49 - Beta Ray Bill

The last survivor of his race. Thor had encountered him and thought him a villain, however Beta Ray managed to pick up and wield Thors hammer Mjolnir against him. Impressed and wanting to help Beta Ray, Thor took him back to Asgard were Odin offered him purpose in the Asgardian ranks. He received his own enchanted weaponry and is physically stronger than Thor, as well as more combat capable.
#50 - Hercules - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#50 - Hercules

Son of Zeus and possibly one of the most intellectually inept characters around, Hercules is a brooding alpha male type who enjoys scuffling with Thor and rushing into battle. He and Thor are good friends, despite Thor being a bit upset that Hercules gernally wins their wrestling matches and drinking contests.
#51 - Casual Thor - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#51 - Casual Thor

Thor in his normal state of being is stronger than the Hulk, capable of moving hundreds of tons and movement at sonic speeds. His hammer, Mjolnir, is capable of causing serious harm to Galactus. It is magically enchanted and cannot be stopped by most figures in Marvel comics. He is brash, bold and quick to scuffle with anyone who he doesn't like or feels is a threat.
#52 - Casual Hulk - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#52 - Casual Hulk

Hulk in his normal state is only able to lift 100 tons or so. After a few minutes of battle, his strength and speed increase exponentially, but before this time transpires, the likes of Thing, Thor, Juggernaut and even Namor were able to best him and knock him out.
#53 - Thing ( Ben Grimm ) - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#53 - Thing ( Ben Grimm )

Member of the Fantastic Four and caught in a radiation spike in space along with the rest of the team, Thing is capable of tossing around the Hulk and even tangoing with Thor from time to time. He is no pushover and is quick to jump into the fight without thinking first.
#54 - Namor - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#54 - Namor

I am sure most are not aware of just how much of a badass this guy is, don't let the outfit fool you. He is easily the coolest Marvel character outside of Ghost Rider. He doesn't take crap from anyone and even slaps the Hulk around now and then. His new comics are absoluteley amazing and I urge anyone reading to investigate him, he is awesome, capable of knocking Hulk and Thor out if he is quick about it. He is immensely powerful and capable of tossing a few hundred tons on land, much more if he is in water.
#55 - Loki - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#55 - Loki

Brother of Thor, while not as powerful as Thor he is faster and more combat adept, especially so with weapons.
#56 - Blob - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#56 - Blob

A human man with enough blubber to absorb impacts from the likes of even the Hulk.
#57 - Colossus - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#57 - Colossus

Capable of lifting 100 tons with ease, his skin can transform to highly durable metal very quickly.
#58 - Omega Red - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#58 - Omega Red

An underrated baddie with metal tenticals.
#59 - Iron Man ( Tony Stark )  - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#59 - Iron Man ( Tony Stark )

Super genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist who created the Iron Man armor.

Beyond this point, there are literaly thousands of characters that range from being able to lift a few hundred tons to just a few hundred pounds. There are simply too many to include, so use your imagination at this point, do some research and dive into the world of Marvel to see where certain characters stand.
#60 - Spiderman ( Peter Parker )  - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#60 - Spiderman ( Peter Parker )

Teenager bitten by radioactive spider, granting him some meta human abilities and a cool spideysense. Able to lift a few dozen tons with stressed, can chuck a car with ease.
#61 - Wolverine ( Logan ) - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#61 - Wolverine ( Logan )

Grafted super metal called adamentium over his entire skeleton, fast regenerative properties. Able to lift and toss about 2 tons.
#62 -Captain America ( Steve Rodgers )  - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#62 -Captain America ( Steve Rodgers )

Once a small frail man, given a super serum to boost his body to peak potential for human beings. Might be able to toss half a ton
#63 - Deadpool  - The Marvel Character Hierarchy

#63 - Deadpool

Craziest marvel character there is and fully aware he is a comic character. He once warned professor X not to read his mind for fear the truth would ruin all reality. Professor X didnt listen and ended up near comatosed by the truth of it all. Deadpool often talks to the reader. Able to lift about 1 ton and one of the best martial artists in all of Marvel comics. He is able to withstand strikes from Wolverine and many other powerful characters in the 1-20 ton range.