Top 10 Board Games You Should Try

Number 10: Small World/Small World Underground - Top 10 Board Games You Should Try

Number 10: Small World/Small World Underground

Small World is a colourful game about taking a fantasy race and a random power, mixing them together and attempting to take over the map to score the most points. Once you have expanded as much as you can, you go into decline and choose a new combo! There are expansions as well if you are into that. 2 - 5 Players
Number 9: Spartacus: Blood and Sand - Top 10 Board Games You Should Try

Number 9: Spartacus: Blood and Sand

This game is based on the TV show of the same name. You don't need to have seen the show to enjoy this. It has lots of screwing over other players, bidding money on slaves, gladiators, items and who gets to host the gladiator games. Also you get to fight your gladiators in the arena. First person to reach a number of influence wins. I love being able to bribe people at any point in the game. 3 - 4 Players
Number 8: Pandemic  - Top 10 Board Games You Should Try

Number 8: Pandemic

Pandemic is a Co-op game about saving the world from 4 diseases as they spread around the world. In this great game, you have to work together if you want to have any chance of winning. There is a lot of tension as you see where the diseases are going to next. If you don't keep on top of things, there will be outbreaks that can cause a chain reaction of disease spreading. Each player has their own character abilities as well which lets everyone feel useful in some way. 2 - 4 Players
Number 7: Smash Up - Top 10 Board Games You Should Try

Number 7: Smash Up

This is a crazy game about mixing two different factions together(Dinosaurs, Robots, Ninjas, Aliens, Pirates etc). Each faction has its own deck and a style of play. Working out which combos would work well together is a lot of fun. There is a heap of expansions that adds a lot more factions, allowing for even more combos. This is good for people who like card games like Magic, Vanguard and Yugioh. 2 - 4 Players
Number 6: A Game of Thrones, 2nd Edition - Top 10 Board Games You Should Try

Number 6: A Game of Thrones, 2nd Edition

This is based on the hit HBO Series of the same name. Take control of one of the Main Houses of Westeros and try to control the most castles. The game has everything you would expect from something based on Game of Thrones. You give your troops orders in secret with face down tokens, then reveal them all at the same time, which allows for betrayals and surprise attacks. Also you spend power to fight over who sits on the throne, to defend the realm from Wildlings and other things. Even if you haven't watched/read Game of Thrones, this is still a solid war game. 3 - 6 Players
Number 5: Betrayal at House on the Hill, 2nd Edition  - Top 10 Board Games You Should Try

Number 5: Betrayal at House on the Hill, 2nd Edition

This game is a great deal of fun. You and the other players are characters exploring an old haunted house, building it with tiles as you open doors. You search for items, deal with events and omens. Then at some point, someone will fail the omen roll and the whole game changes, and someone will become a traitor. Both sides get a special book with a story in it, explaining how to win the game. There is 50 different stories that can happen and they are all so cool. We have had to rescue people from a family of cannibals, had to deal with the house falling into hell and heaps of others. If you love horror movies/games, this is for you. 3 - 6 Players
Number 4: Cosmic Encounter (Fantasy Flight Version) - Top 10 Board Games You Should Try

Number 4: Cosmic Encounter (Fantasy Flight Version)

In Cosmic Encounter, you play as an alien race attempting to have a colony on 5 different planets controlled by other players. The thing that makes the game amazing is the fact that just the base game comes with 50 different aliens which all have vastly different abilities. The way that these different aliens interact with each other makes for some amazing games and you will almost never have the same combo of aliens in a game twice. It is also possible to have more than one winner if people gang up on someone at the end. There is a heap of expansions to this as well, each adding at least 20 aliens per set making for an unlimited amount of replay value. 3 - 5 Players
Number 3: Stone Age - Top 10 Board Games You Should Try

Number 3: Stone Age

Stone Age is a game about running your own tribe of stone age people and attempting to be the tribe with the most points at the end of the game. The thing I love about this game is the fact that there is so many cool ways to score points, which allows for deep thought into what your next move should be. Should you take the things you need to build that fancy house, or should you block what your opponent wants instead? Should you grow your tribes population to give you more moves on a turn or should you focus on upgrading your tools so when you harvest resources you have a better chance at getting them? There is the added tension of wondering if someone will take the thing you want to take before its your turn. This is the sort of game that feels really rewarding when you did well because of the way you played and the choices you made. 2 - 4 Players
Number 2: Dead of Winter - Top 10 Board Games You Should Try

Number 2: Dead of Winter

I waited a year to get this game because it sold out so fast! In this Zombie survival game, players are part of a survivor colony attempting to complete a main objective such as finding a cure to the outbreak, stocking up goods for the rest of the winter and many others. Did I mention that each player has a secret objective? Oh and one of those objectives might actually make the player a traitor who is trying to make the other survivors lose the main objective in order to win? This game causes a great deal of mistrust between players as you are attempting to complete your secret objectives that may conflict with the main objectives. Another great feature of this game is what is called the "Crossroads Cards" which add an extra level of theme, story and tension to the game. If you like the Walking Dead, get this. If you like games with the possibility of traitors, get this. Wait you know what, just get this anyway, its that good! This is an amazing Co-op game with a great theme and you will not be disappointed! 2 - 5 Players
Number 1: Eldritch Horror - Top 10 Board Games You Should Try

Number 1: Eldritch Horror

If you have read through everything so far, thank you so much! If you scrolled to the bottom, shame on you!

Eldritch Horror is my favourite game currently. This game is based in the Cthulhu Mythos(Universe) and sees players working together to save the world from ancient creatures that are attempting to either wake up or to break through to our reality. Not only do you have to deal with that, but there are portals opening up all over the world and monsters are coming through and there are events that cause either game loss or a great deal of annoyance for the players. Each Elder God has his own stories and mysteries to solve. You buy items to help with combat or other tests you need to preform during the game, you can go on expeditions in Egypt, the Amazon and other places to try and find good artifacts that might swing the game in the favour of the players. I could go on about this game for a long time but I will spare you since you have come this far. I will say however that this game is really really really hard. This game is really good at busting your balls. If you want a game that will not only tell an amazing story as you play, but is also really damn hard that you and your friends can attempt to overcome, this is the perfect choice. While this game can be played with up to 8 players, I would suggest sticking to playing with 4-5 at max. 1 - 8 Players
Cat Tax! - Top 10 Board Games You Should Try

Cat Tax!

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