Top 15 powerful beings in the DC universe

This is a list of the most powerful beings in DC universe...I am counting down from 15 to 1..I am also mentioning their powers to get you an idea how powerful they are...There are a lot of others but I couldnt make a bigger list...But they are definetly worth Superman Prime,Entity, Phantom stranger,rao etc :)



15. Parallax - Top 15 powerful beings in the DC universe

15. Parallax

An ancient horror, Parallax, one of the seven emotional entities, is comprised of pure fear that can possess other beings. It is known to ravage planets and strike terror into the hearts of even the Guardians of the Universe.


Possession: The host of parallax gets a tremendous amount of energy and power by just feeding off fear.

Energy constructs: creates constructs just like a sinestro corps lantern

Mind Control: can install fear in others to be able to control them.
14. Lords and Agents of Chaos - Top 15 powerful beings in the DC universe

14. Lords and Agents of Chaos

Elders and Gods who create chaos in the Universe and their agents.

Lords of Chaos that have been destroyed during the 9th Age of Magic:

Mr. Keeper
Shivering Jemmy of the Shallow Brigade
Agents of Chaos:

Garn Daanuth
Holly Granger
13. Lords and Agents of Order - Top 15 powerful beings in the DC universe

13. Lords and Agents of Order

Elders and Gods who maintain order in the Universe and their earthly agents.

The Lords of Order often create or acquire human agents so that they may act on their behalf to maintain order.

The Lords of Order are believed to have died during the 9th Age of Magic:

Sister Sentry
Agents of Order:

Gray Man
Grey Man
12. Kismet  - Top 15 powerful beings in the DC universe

12. Kismet

Kismet is an immortal god in the DC universe. She first appeared in The Adventures of Superman 494 and guided the Man of Steel in his path of righteousness. She has had little appearances since then.


Kismet is a cosmic entity that possessed vast cosmic power for her to use in virtually any situations. She is considered the DC Universe's equivalent of the Marvel character Eternity, the supreme embodiment of time in the Marvel Universe. She is nigh-omnipotent and can manipulate time, space and reality to achieve virtually any feat imaginable. She is also immortal meaning she doesn't suffer from the passages of time.
11. The Monitors (team) - Top 15 powerful beings in the DC universe

11. The Monitors (team)

They "monitor" the multiverse and are determined to wipe out all anomalies that threaten to destroy the fabric of the mulitverse.

The Monitors are a multiversal race charged with the protection of the Multiverse. During the first multiverse, there were only two, the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor, who oversaw the multiverse and the anti-matter universe respectively. Both were killed during the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths.
10. Anti-Monitor - Top 15 powerful beings in the DC universe

10. Anti-Monitor

The Anti-Monitor is The Monitor's counterpart from The Anti-matter Universe. He is responsible for the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, was the sole Guardian of The Sinestro Corps and once, against his will, was the source of The Black Lantern Corps Central Power Battery.


The Anti-Monitor is one of the most formidable beings in the DC universe, having caused more deaths than any other villain the DC universe has encountered. He has destroyed and absorbed thousands of positive matter universes. The Anti-Monitor has immense strength and durability. He was able to shrug off blows from Superman and stalemate the Spectre. He was able to defeat hordes of superheroes. He is able to alter reality, fire bolts of energy, time travel, and by absorbing universes became more powerful than his counterpart, the Monitor. He can create shadow versions of himself and also absorb these shadow demons to recharge himself. At certain points, he has wielded both a Sinestro Corps Ring and a Black Lantern Ring.
9. Krona - Top 15 powerful beings in the DC universe

9. Krona

As a Maltusian, Krona is virtually immortal and invulnerable; he possesses vast psionic powers. He is obsessed with finding the origin of the universe itself and how it came into existence. Recently, he has been revealed to be the main antagonist of the "Brightest Day" story arc.


Krona possesses a supreme genius-level intellect, but his arrogance, lack of patience, short temper and above all insatiable hunger for knowledge have gotten the better of him. If it brought him any benefit, he would be the sort to attempt to quantify dance or measure a soul, solely for the sake of knowing. It is this madness that got Krona exiled and brought about his constant defeats. He has unhesitatingly destroyed universes and risked his own existence for a chance to gain deeper insight.

Like the rest of his species, Krona possesses enhanced physical abilities, vast psionic powers (including telepathy and telekinesis) and virtual immortality (he does not need to breathe, eat or sleep, and can regenerate from any injury at an accelerated rate). His powers were later increased by Nekron, making him more powerful than any of the Guardians.

As Entropy, Krona was composed of anti-energy, could absorb others into his body, converting them into more anti-energy, and was able to create an army composed of anti-energy that were completely under his control. During the JLA/Avengers miniseries, where he wielded the power of all the universes he had previously destroyed, Krona proved able to easily defeat both the Grandmaster and Galactus, although the Grandmaster's power was sufficient to make him initially hesitant at the prospect of fighting the other being until his attempt to beat the Grandmaster in a game to gain the information he sought failed.

Also, as the caretaker of the Emotional entities which are the pure embodiments of the emotions comprising the Emotional Spectrum, Krona wields the powers of the entire emotional spectrum.
8. Mr. Mxyzptlk - Top 15 powerful beings in the DC universe

8. Mr. Mxyzptlk

Mr. Mxyzptlk is a fifth-dimensional imp with the power to do almost anything he can imagine. He could transform Superman into ashes or erase him from existence, but where's the fun in that?


Though most often portrayed merely as an annoyance, the true powers of Mr. Mxyzptlk are some of the greatest there is. As a 5th dimensional imp, like the Bat-Mite and the Thunderbolt, he capable of virtually anything he wants to do, having once created and destroyed a fully functioning dimension just for a game he played, summoned Darkseid and survived it. He is also powerful enough to utilize the seemingly all powerful, toon force, in certain occasions and his kind is also immune to time manipulation as Hourman One Million was unable to unmake the calamity caused by Lkz (A djinn from 5th dimension). Despite being a prankster, rather than a malevolent entity who either seeks to dominate or annihilate all reality, he is capable of destroying multiverse and all space and time as it was stated by The Spectre and himself when the infamous event known as Emperor Joker took place.
7. The Endless - Top 15 powerful beings in the DC universe

7. The Endless

The Endless are seven siblings that embody seven different fundamental forces of existence itself. Ageless, immortal and nigh-omnipotent, these siblings were the central characters of the landmark Vertigo series "The Sandman".

As they are the embodiment of the fundamental forces of existence you can imagine their power
6. Decreator - Top 15 powerful beings in the DC universe

6. Decreator

Evil entity summoned by the Cult of the Unwritten Book to unmake the world.

The Cult of the Unwritten Book believe that when God created the Earth he said 'Let there be Light!' and those words cast a shadow which became the Decreator - an entity of pure annihilation unable to be reasoned or even stopped. Members of Doom Patrol succeeded in slowing him down to such point that no one would notice the slow disappearance of the universe by using similar vibration equal to his power


As the Shadow of God the Decreator has no personality, no moral and holds no ties to good or evil, simply decreating things not out of hate or pleasure, but because it's in its nature.
5. Eclipso  - Top 15 powerful beings in the DC universe

5. Eclipso

Originally, Eclipso was the first incarnation of the Spirit of Wrath who went rogue. Sealed inside the Heart of Darkness, he could posses those that came into contact with it, most famously Bruce Gordon. In the New 52, Eclipso is said to be Lord Kaala, the evil offspring from House Onyx and House Diamond born during an eclipse granting him vast powers and eventually becoming the tyrant of Gemworld.


A once-divine being, Eclipso possesses vast magical capabilities that can be wielded to a variety of effects, including flight, size manipulation, and weather manipulation. He can produce energy blasts from his hands and his left eye. He is superhumanly strong and fast. He is immortal. He is capable of taking possession of any person who comes into contact with the Heart of Darkness, the black diamond which contains his soul.
4. Spectre  - Top 15 powerful beings in the DC universe

4. Spectre

The Spectre is a supernatural being of nigh-unlimited might whose mission is to unleash the Wrath of God upon evil men. He is always bound to the soul of a deceased human. Three humans have been bound to the Spectre during the modern age, with Jim Corrigan being its current.


The Spectre is one of the most powerful magical and cosmic entities in the DC creation, capable of battling such universal foes as the Anti-Monitor and Parallax. While the Spectre's power unchecked is nearly unlimited and is capable of shattering universes, he is generally limited by the Presence to a lower level of power to prevent the power from corrupting it and its hosts.

He killed Lords of Order and Chaos without much trouble and most importantly depowering Mr Mxyzptlk, who is already powerful enough to easily wipe out the multiverse and etc. Since he is a virtually omnipotent being, he can have and has access to pretty much every power as it was stated by himself when he basically said ''Shazam'' and turned Captain Marvel back into Billy Batson. He usually applies flight, intangibility, invisibility, size manipulation and minor reality manipulation. But can apply more complex and powerful magicks and abilities as well, such as traveling between dimensions and universes, growing his astral body to a size that is bigger than a solar system and even as big as a universe, manipulating weather, draining life force, literally going into the peoples' psyche and souls that actually contain individual realities or universes and beating them, applying positive energy and anti matter force and etc.
3. Michael Demiurgos - Top 15 powerful beings in the DC universe

3. Michael Demiurgos

Michael Demiurgos is the son of Yahweh and brother of Lucifer Morningstar. He is often described as the mightiest of all the beings God ever created thanks to his Demiurgic Power.


The archangel Michael Demuirgos is the second most powerful being in creation, surpassed only by their father Yahweh, the God of the Covenant who was the one who gave Michael the Demiurgic Power. The Demiurgic power is essentially the building block for everything. Even concepts such as magic, cosmic and primordial power, time, dreams, emotions all fall under one big category that is the demiurgic power, and because Michael has infinite amounts of it, that makes him one powerful guy indeed.

It was Michael who created all the concepts that makes up the Multiverse, which he also created. Michaels power is on such a level that, if he wishes, he could destroy creation ten times over.
2. Lucifer Morningstar - Top 15 powerful beings in the DC universe

2. Lucifer Morningstar

Once the proudest and most beautiful of all angels in existence, Lucifer was sent by The Presence to rule over Hell after he rebelled. After governing Hell for more than 10 billion years, he left to look for a way out of predestination, to escape Yahweh's great Plan.

His powers (original, not the 52 version):

Lucifer is one of the top 5 most powerful beings in the DC universe. His 3 signature powers are The Lightbringer flames, his nigh-omnicience, and The Will of God. The flames can destroy almost anything and are unique hence the name Lightbringer. His nigh omniscience allows him to be 10 steps ahead of all others and know almost everything. His will can manipulate reality on any scale he so wishes. He also has various other powers like divine magic, soul creation....
1. The Presence - Top 15 powerful beings in the DC universe

1. The Presence

The Presence, otherwise known as the God of the Covenant is the creator of the DC universe in the comic book world, though he's more often spoken of than actually seen.


He is Omnipotent, Omniarch, Omnicompetence, Omifarious, Omnificent, Omnilock, Omnipresent, Omniscience, Omniverse Manipulation.

Being the creator of DC Multiverse, there is no limit to The Presence's powers and abilities thus proving him to have no weaknesses.