Ultimate IO Games List

You liked the last list i made, but is was everything else than perfect ... - Ultimate IO Games List

You liked the last list i made, but is was everything else than perfect ...

... lets try again this time all the games are sorted by popularity as tracked on http://iogames.co. I wont forget the most relevant games as last time, and i also will add the original links. But if you like our site i would still love you to use it to help us to track the popularity of the individual games!

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The one you see here is the classic Agar.io while it is not #1 on our list, it will always be the #1 of io games as they basically created the genre. All love to agar.io which just scores #14 in our list!


This list took me a while to make. I hope you like it
#1 Geo Arena - Ultimate IO Games List

#1 Geo Arena

GeoArena.online comes with many ship upgrades that need to be hard earned with persistent ratings. You can play against players or bots in arenas, the typical game mode is one on one.

https://iogames.co/game/37-GeoArena.online - http://GeoArena.online
#2 Diep.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#2 Diep.io

Diep.io is a fun tank like game where you fight and collect to grow and improve your stats to get stronger. Diep.io is one of the first popular IO games and still provides a lot of fun to a big and active user base using the many available game modes.

https://iogames.co/game/3-Diep.io - http://Diep.io
#3 Wings.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#3 Wings.io

Wings.io is a well designed plane fight game. The goal is the shoot other places and avoid getting shot. The gameplay is very fast and fun.

https://iogames.co/game/23-Wings.io - http://wings.io
#4 Opka.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#4 Opka.io

Opka.io is a classic Brick Breaker clone with multiplayer. Control your paddle to not miss any of the many balls that float between you and your oponents. Really interesting and unique gameplay!

https://iogames.co/game/52-Opka.io - http://opka.io
#5 Slither.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#5 Slither.io

Slither.io is a game where you are a snake with the task to eat small dots and if possible also other snakes. When a snake runs into your body it dies and gives you more dots to eat. The point is to grow and get the ultimate huge snake. Slither.io is one of the first IO games and still one of the best.

https://iogames.co/game/2-Slither.io - http://slither.io
#6 Gota.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#6 Gota.io

Gota.io is yet another Agar.io clone with a pleasing dark background. Perfect for casual night playing. It comes with a minimap and many servers to easily choose from, so you can always play with your friends.

https://iogames.co/game/51-Gota.io - http://gota.io
#7 Tankar.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#7 Tankar.io

Tankar.io puts you into the place of a tank. Your goal is to find and fight other tanks and collect coins to grow your tank. Tanks can get huge, its a interesting take on the tank game concept.

https://iogames.co/game/39-Tankar.io - http://Tankar.io
#8 Vertix.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#8 Vertix.io

Vertix.io is a unique arena shooter where you play against other players in different game modes and level up your character to score places in the permanent highscore. You can also take part in clans and collect masses of skins and hats.

https://iogames.co/game/4-Vertix.io - http://vertix.io
#9 Kartwars.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#9 Kartwars.io

A fancy kart racing game where you collect coins to improve and kill other carts in order to climb the highscore to the top. Cute gameplay paired with nice graphics make this game worth a try.

https://iogames.co/game/15-Kartwars.io - http://kartwars.io
#10 Slay.one - Ultimate IO Games List

#10 Slay.one

Slay.one is a funny shooter game where you have the role of a little human and try to find and kill other players while collecting upgrades and weapons. The game comes with permanent ranks and upgrades.

https://iogames.co/game/27-Slay.one - http://slay.one
#11 Narwhale.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#11 Narwhale.io

Narwhale.io feels like a mix of the concepts of other popular io games what makes it to a interesting game for any io game fan. The goal is to cut other whales in half with your horn.

https://iogames.co/game/8-Narwhale.io - http://narwhale.io
#12 Sl4sh.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#12 Sl4sh.io

Asterioids like game where you collect resources to upgrade your ship and fight others when you cross their way. Instead of shooting you fly crash into them. The different classes and the upgrade tree make the game interesting for a while.

https://iogames.co/game/7-Sl4sh.io - http://sl4sh.io
#13 Braains.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#13 Braains.io

Braains.io is a zombie infection game in a io game approach. Hide and hope that you are not one of the initial zombies and if you are lucky try to avoid any other zombies getting to you to infect you. Interesting gameplay and always enough users online.

https://iogames.co/game/12-Braains.io - http://braains.io
#14 Agar.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#14 Agar.io

Agar.io is one of the first games of this kind, if not the first. The success from Agar.io created the whole IO games genre and many games similiar to agar.io were created, but none coming close to the success the original has. It is for sure one of the best IO games there is, with a very active community around it.

https://iogames.co/game/1-Agar.io - http://agar.io
#15 WarIn.space - Ultimate IO Games List

#15 WarIn.space

WarIn.space is yet another take on Asteroids with interesting graphics and unique upgrade options. Fight other ships and collect resources to upgrade your ship and get the ultimate war in space master.

https://iogames.co/game/30-WarIn.space - http://WarIn.space
#16 TagPro.gg - Ultimate IO Games List

#16 TagPro.gg

In TagPro.gg you spawn as a ball in a arena and control it with WASD. It is basically capture the flag with balls. You play in a team, capture the enemies flag and can bump enemies and kick or trick them into traps and obstacles.

https://iogames.co/game/46-TagPro.gg - http://tagpro.gg
#17 Acyd.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#17 Acyd.io

Other than in similiar space io games you control a moon Acyd.io eager to grow and eat other moons. Interesting new concept in a classic game experience.

https://iogames.co/game/35-Acyd.io - http://acyd.io
#18 Vanar.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#18 Vanar.io

Vanar is a very interesting and cute designed asterioids multiplayer io game. Collect resources to grow and shoot enemies to grow even further. A bit similiar to diep.io but with unique elements.

https://iogames.co/game/34-Vanar.io - http://vanar.io
#19 Driftin.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#19 Driftin.io

Driftin.io is a unique multiplayer racing game. The goal is to make 20 rounds and whoever does this first is the winner. But the various racing car classes have different ways to make sure you will never be able to do that.

https://iogames.co/game/5-Driftin.io - http://driftin.io
#20 Bonk.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#20 Bonk.io

In Bonk.io you control a little ball and have to try to kick the other balls out of the uniquely and cute designed levels. A cute game with a nice soundset.

https://iogames.co/game/53-Bonk.io - http://bonk.io
#21 Lazerdrive.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#21 Lazerdrive.io

Think of Lazerdrive.io as a never ending Curvefever.io. Interesting colorful gameplay based on snake mechanics in a massive multiplayer world.

https://iogames.co/game/40-Lazerdrive.io - http://lazerdrive.io
#22 Limax.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#22 Limax.io

Limax.io puts you into the situation if a little sperm (or snail), able to eat and grow and try to kill others by blocking their ways. It is a cute environment and well designed game, always fun to play.

https://iogames.co/game/6-Limax.io - http://limax.io
#23 Biome3D.com - Ultimate IO Games List

#23 Biome3D.com

Biome3d.com is the agar.io of the 3d world. It comes with skins and similiar mechanics to agar.io and other blob growing games but takes place in a cute 3d environment.

https://iogames.co/game/41-Biome3d.com - http://biome3d.com
#24 Massivematch.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#24 Massivematch.io

Massivematch.io is like Bejeweled or the infamous Candy Crush Saga but in a massive multiplayer approach. You spawn in a huge match map with many other players, the goal is the bring a few robot heads down to the bottom. You work together, but rank against each other!

https://iogames.co/game/45-Massivematch.io - http://massivematch.io
#25 BattleStick - Ultimate IO Games List

#25 BattleStick

BattleStick is a unique concept where you are a stickman and have to fight other stickmans in weird physics environment. Wobble around and try to climb the highscore to the top!

https://iogames.co/game/50-BattleStick - http://battlestick.net/
#26 Timalean.com - Ultimate IO Games List

#26 Timalean.com

Collect coins in Timaleon.com and upgrade your ship to attack incoming asteroids with a bunch of other players. Funny unique concept with a top-sidescroller mechanic.

https://iogames.co/game/42-Timaleon.com - http://timaleon.com
#27 Superorbit.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#27 Superorbit.io

Superorbit.io is a funny little space shooter where you compete against others and have a permanent rank feature plus different colors and classes to choose from.

https://iogames.co/game/26-Superorbit.io - http://Superorbit.io
#28 Tankwars.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#28 Tankwars.io

Tankwars.io is one of the more popular tank io games. You spawn in a war scenery with different tanks and upgrades all around you and have to fight your way from there.

https://iogames.co/game/28-Tankwars.io - http://tankwars.io
#29 Shipz.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#29 Shipz.io

A nice multiplayer battleships game. It is not exactly a io game as with massive multiplayer functionality but it is a funny multiplayer game hosted on a .io domain so why not.

https://iogames.co/game/48-Shipz.io - http://shipz.io
#30 Splix.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#30 Splix.io

Splix.io is a snake like color filling game. The goal is to build always bigger fields with your own color and avoiding any others to stop you while doing that.

https://iogames.co/game/16-Splix.io - http://splix.io
#31 Supersnake.io - Ultimate IO Games List

#31 Supersnake.io

Supersnake.io is a interesting and colorful take on the classic game snake. You land in a arena full of other snakes in various sizes and have to try to kill while avoid to getting killed. Skins and a global highscore give the game a additional touch.

https://iogames.co/game/24-Supersnake.io - http://supersnake.io
#32 Bacterio - Ultimate IO Games List

#32 Bacterio

Bacterio is a simple IO like game where you as bacteria have to collect points and kill other bacterias on the way.

https://iogames.co/game/19-Bacterio - http://bacterio.ca/
This are by far not all! - Ultimate IO Games List

This are by far not all!

But all the other games have a below average rating :/

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I hope you enjoyed the list!